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Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Past to Present Favorites......

I'll stick anything in your nails if you'll let me. LOL....

Tattoo acrylic nail art

Real pressed flowers in acrylic nails. Cute huh?

White isn't always boring....it's classic. :)

I love these little dots. They look even better sprinkled over some color!

Pink and Green acrylic nail overlay

This is one of my favorite colors....Cocktail Hour acrylic nails. Seems appropriate for most of any day. Or at least wishful thinking in most.

These are mine. I hate my fingers which is odd for what I do. Why could I have not been blessed with beautiful long skinny fingers? Well at the very least I loved these Micky Mouse acrylic nails all the way to Disneyland!

Netted mylar acrylic nails

This client was getting ready to have a baby girl. These pink acrylic nails fit her tiny frame perfectly!

Love the dots. Everyone loves the pokes. :D

I loved these. I don't know why but they reminded me of sparkly socks. I'm aware I'm odd.

Ribbon acrylic nail art.

Cute little acrylic spooky nail 3D nail spider.

Be a part of the feather acrylic nail nation!

Glitter Shellac Skelaton nails. Super cute huh?

University of Utah dedicated nails. This girl would never be seen with "blue" nails....lol.

Love these little pink stars. This was a super girly acrylic set!

This girl loves Hello Kitty! And who doesn't?!?

University of Utah & BYU Nail Art. She couldn't decide....lol.

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